A Heartfelt Letter

Avi Rapaport
May 30, 2021
A Heartfelt Letter

Dear Daddy,

I write this letter to you as Memorial Day is fast approaching. 
My Dad. My hero. Our nation's hero.
You selflessly gave up your life to protect our country.
I miss you every day, yet I am comforted knowing that everyone around me celebrates your heroism too.
You are not forgotten, nor will you ever be.
I do wish I could visit your gravesite in person and embrace your soul presence as I stand near your marker. Unfortunately, covid hit us pretty hard and I am stuck at home. 
It makes me really sad and lonely to know that I won't be near you this year.
I will always love you. Forever and ever.
Your daughter,
AFTR came across this letter written by Jennifer last year. We are here today to comfort her knowing that our technology can help her from afar. We hope this letter reaches her in time to honor her Dad this coming Memorial Day.
Dear Jennifer,
Memorial Day is a very special day. A day in which we hold very near and dear to our hearts. It's a day in which our patriotism is renewed and our respect for the fallen military personnel grows. It is precisely through their sacrifices that we may enjoy the freedom we have today.
On this day, it is imperative to physically show our honor, respect and love by visiting our heroes and she-roes at their respective gravesites. 
Jennifer, we feel your pain that you were unfortunately unable to visit your Dad last year, and we do hope that this year paints a different picture. Please take note that we, at AFTR, have created a solution to all those who cannot physically visit their loved ones. Our latest technology gives you the opportunity to have the ultimate virtual visitation from the comfort of your home. You will be able to speak to your Dad through our two way audio stream being that the camera connects to an app on your phone. This app has many beautiful features which will hopefully bring you comfort and a feeling of closeness to your Dad, the hero. 
Jennifer, if you come across this letter and are still unable to physically visit, please reach out to us so we can provide you with this service. Our hope is to be of service to you just as your Dad serviced our country.
With blessings to celebrate life!
The AFTR Team