Birthdays After Death: Remembering Your Loved Ones’ Birthdays

AFTR Admin
January 13, 2021
Birthdays After Death: Remembering Your Loved Ones’ Birthdays

Birthdays are traditionally a time to celebrate a loved one growing another year older--but what happens when that loved one has passed away? The weight of acknowledging a birthday for someone who will never grow another year older can be hard to manage. However, many people find comfort in remembering and celebrating the birthdays of friends and family who are no longer with them. 

Memorial Birthday Parties

A memorial birthday party is a celebratory birthday party designed to highlight remembrance of someone who has passed on. Memorial birthday parties can be somber and reflective, joyous and happy, or something in between. 

If you are planning to host a memorial birthday party for your deceased loved one, here are some ideas for the day:

Food. Making foods that were enjoyed by your loved one is an excellent way to keep their memory alive. You can also create a recipe collection of all your loved one's favorite foods, and have it printed for the family. 

Presents. If you would like, you can choose to leave cemetery-approved gifts at the headstone. Many families, in lieu of purchasing gifts, donate money to charities or purchase gifts for hospitals, shelters and similar organizations.

Get-togethers. If you would like to remember your loved one with others, consider hosting a get-together where people can come to share memories and photos.

If you are planning on celebrating your loved one’s birthday, remember--there is no “one way” to remember someone on their birthday. Do what feels comfortable and right in your mind.

Visiting the Cemetery 

Visiting your loved ones’ resting place on their birthday is a common practice. Flowers may be left at the headstone, memories can be shared, and the day can be spent with your loved one in remembrance. If you are unable to get to the cemetery for any reason--such as weather conditions, distance, or visiting restrictions--then you may wish to preemptively install a video system, such as AFTR, that allows you to virtually visit and interact with your loved ones’ resting site without ever having to leave your home.

The birthday of a deceased loved one can be difficult--but like any day, they can be a chance for you to remember and rejoice in the memories of the loved one who has passed on.