Planning a Virtual Memorial Event

AFTR Admin
September 24, 2020
Planning a Virtual Memorial Event

Learning to live without someone is a slow and painful process. We search for ways to remember our loved ones, connect with our memories of them, and even celebrate their lives. There are many reasons to choose a virtual memorial event - and they are not just Covid-related.

While gathering at someone’s burial place some time after the funeral is a tradition in many cultures, it’s not always easy. Families and friends may live far away from each other, or even be in different countries. They may not have the time or resources to travel for a memorial event. Other people might have young children and logistically, it may be easier for them to connect from home. People with physical or mobility challenges may likewise prefer to minimize travel requirements, especially since unfortunately, not all cemeteries are guaranteed to be accessible.

We’ve put together some ideas for how to connect virtually, make it just as meaningful, and prepare to run a smooth event.

Choose an Uninterrupted Time on the Special Date

Even though you can be anywhere for a virtual event, it’s probably easier if you’re not on-the-go. So consider people’s schedules when looking for a time when they can focus.

Share an Event Agenda with a Start and Finish Time

Think about the elements of the event, and who will speak or share media. An agenda might include a prayer, sharing memories, prepared short speeches, or readings of poems. You might want to share videos or songs, or even stream a virtual visit to the resting place with everyone. This will allow everyone to come prepared, and know what to expect as they gather to memorialize someone.

Test Run the Technology

Whichever program you choose for the video call, whether Zoom, Google, FaceTime, or others, check how screensharing works, and the permissions settings for other people to speak or share media. It’s easy to connect multi-media with videos or photos prepared in advance. To share music or audio files you’ll want everyone to be able to mute themselves and play the media on their own devices, for sound quality.

If you’re using an AFTR Camera

If you’ve installed an AFTR Camera at your loved one’s resting place, use your app to share access with your guests in advance. If you’re on a Peace of Mind plan, you can get a day pass for audio/video streaming connections just for the event. And your guests can get them too, if you share your camera access, which is easy to do right from the app. If you’re on a Stay Connected plan, you already have 24/7 audio/video streaming. You’ll only need to share access with guests and get their day passes.

No matter the reason you’re planning a virtual memorial event - it can be just as meaningful as an in-person visit to the resting place. Technology has made it possible to truly connect with your loved ones as a group, from anywhere.


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