Who Benefits From Distance Visitation Solutions? The Innovation of Virtual Visitation

AFTR Admin
January 17, 2021
Who Benefits From Distance Visitation Solutions? The Innovation of Virtual Visitation

The newest innovations in distance resting place visitations have significantly changed how we are able to challenge limitations regarding those who are unable to visit a loved one’s resting place. Visiting solutions such as the AFTR system, which allows 24/7 video streaming and even two-way audio, can transform how--and when--we mourn. Let’s take a closer look at the primary ways that virtual visitation solutions can benefit the friends and family of loved ones who have passed.

Families and individuals living in different regions

If you live in a different city, state or even country from your loved ones’ final resting place, then you likely find it difficult--if not impossible--to visit on a regular basis. A virtual visitation option such as a stream of the resting place allows you to pay your respects without having to physically be present.

Anyone with difficulty accessing the resting place

Cemeteries are not known for being highly accessible, particularly if your loved one is placed on a hill or another natural area that can only be easily reached on foot. A virtual visitation set-up will allow anyone who has difficulty accessing the resting place to visit whenever they want, on their terms, without having to worry about accessing the area.

Mourners during health and safety lockdowns 

Funeral services or memorial services may be limited due to ongoing health and safety lockdowns or restrictions. In cases such as these, a video/audio system allows for friends and family to attend these services without actually being present on the grounds. 

Anyone dealing with the emotions of grief and loss 

The ability to see, hear and even interact with a loved ones’ resting place virtually can help someone who is dealing with feelings of grief, loss and remembrance after the death of a loved one. Talking to a loved one, listening to the sounds around their resting place, or playing their favorite song through a speaker system can all be ways to deal with the emotions that come with loss.

The innovative technology behind virtual systems that allow people to visit cemeteries virtually will continue to grow and develop with the intention to assist those who have lost loved ones.