Invisible Ties: A Tale of Love, Loss, and a Virtual Visitation with AFTR

Avi Rapaport
June 07, 2023
Invisible Ties: A Tale of Love, Loss, and a Virtual Visitation with AFTR

The wrinkles on my hands are like intricate road maps of time - each line a testament to countless memories etched deep into my heart. Today, I am old. Traveling has become challenging, flights even more so. But there was a time when nothing would keep me away from visiting my husband’s resting place.

Harry was his name, my husband, my rock, my everything. He had an infectious laugh and a heart full of kindness. His death, although it came after a long and fulfilling life, was a blow I still feel even years later. He rests now in our hometown, a small, tranquil place that, due to age and health, I cannot visit as often as I’d like.

The reality of our physical separation was a sorrowful burden I bore, until I discovered AFTR.

A friend recommended it to me - AFTR, a revolutionary technology that merges the borders of the physical and the spiritual, allowing individuals like me to virtually visit the resting places of their loved ones. A little skeptical, I decided to give it a try. What did I have to lose?

The process was simple. AFTR uses a discreet, solar-powered camera placed at the grave site. The camera connects to an easy-to-use app that allows real-time viewing and virtual visits. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I held my breath as I opened the AFTR app for the first time.

There it was. Harry’s resting place, on the screen of my tablet. I could see his gravestone, beautifully carved, standing steadfast amongst the greenery. I could see the flowers we used to grow in our backyard, now blooming beside him. It felt so real, so incredibly intimate, as if I was standing right there, whispering my thoughts into the wind.

Overwhelmed with emotion, tears welled in my eyes. But these weren't tears of sadness, rather, they were tears of gratitude. Gratitude for this opportunity to virtually be there with Harry, something I thought wasn't possible anymore.

Now, I visit Harry every day. Through my AFTR camera, I feel closer to him than I ever thought possible given the circumstances. When I wake up, I greet him good morning. When the sun sets, I bid him goodnight. On tough days, I seek solace in our shared silent moments, remembering the man he was and the love we shared.

The AFTR camera has allowed me to maintain my sacred routine of visiting Harry, even from a distance. It has granted me a sense of peace that I didn't think I could reclaim.

Our love story continues, past the constraints of physical existence, into a space where only love, memory, and spiritual connection reside. It's a testament to our life-long bond, a reassurance that love doesn't end with death. It evolves, it adapts, it transcends. And with AFTR, I'm learning that this transcendence is not just possible, but beautifully comforting.

AFTR isn't just a piece of technology to me. It's a bridge that connects me to Harry, a bridge built on memories, love, and longing. It's a testament to the fact that love doesn't end but evolves.

So here I am, old, reminiscing and still very much in love, holding onto the invisible ties that bind Harry and me together. With each virtual visit, I realize, the spaces between us are only physical. In spirit and in love, we remain forever connected, now more than ever, thanks to AFTR.


** Names changed for privacy purposes.