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Our Mission

In the 21st Century, nearly everything has been technologically advanced for our convenience. Visiting loved ones' resting places should not be an archaic concept, left behind in the pre-modern era. AFTR cameras were created to overcome the physical obstacles that impede on grieving by increasing accessibility via the AFTR app.

AFTR helps people find comfort in their losses through cutting-edge technology that has forever changed the death-care market.

Our Story

When AFTR's founder, Joseph Schechter's father passed away from a brain tumor, his sister, Beth, lived states away from her family, and her father's burial place. It was after this tragedy that the Schechter family discovered the complications of cemetery accessibility. The inability for Beth to visit her father's resting place as often as she wanted distressed her, and consequently, upset Joseph.

To solve this, Joseph created the first AFTR camera for Beth. Using the camera helped her immensely, and the two of them realized that a product like the AFTR camera has the ability to change the way that people grieve, forever.



A Letter from Our Founder

To Our Valued Customers,

When my father passed away a few years back, the devastating personal loss made me think, there must be a better way for my siblings and me to visit him. I found solace in looking for ways to use technology to connect myself and my faraway family with our late father’s memory.

I wanted to call upon my memories of him, and for his children and grandchildren to continue to experience their eternal bond with him - even without physically traveling to the cemetery.

We created AFTR to change the way people visit burial sites and remove the obstacles they face. After all, our entire team knows what it’s like to lose someone dear.

Joseph Schechter,
Founder & CEO, AFTR

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Proud Members