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AFTR GroundCam

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Stay Connected. Always.

AFTR’s camera and app provide 24/7 video and private two-way audio streaming. This technology allows you to visit your loved one’s memorial virtually, pray for them, and make sure their headstone is being respected.

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Be there when you can’t

There are so many things keeping you apart, but none of that matters anymore. AFTR's camera and app allows you to stream and visit with your loved one's resting place at any time, from anywhere. Use your camera as a tool for long-distance prayer, to celebrate anniversaries, or to simply check in on your loved one to let them know that they are missed. With an AFTR camera and app, nothing can stand in your way.

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AFTR provides two monthly plan options to allow you to connect with your loved ones:
  • Peace of Mind Plan - $4.99/month
  • Stay Connected Plan - $12.99/month
4G Connection
Solar Panel
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Connect, View, Talk, Listen.
24/7 streaming access with the AFTR App.

Manage your camera directly from your phone or tablet
Peace of mind - check in to make sure the memorial is being taken care of, rain or shine
Connect to a soothing mental space with music features and meditative functions
Archive and access your photos, videos, and audio streams in the app’s Diary

I moved to New York for work right after my mother passed away and was devastated not to be able to see her resting place. When the headstone went up I couldn’t be there in person, but I was able to stream it virtually and join my siblings in prayer. Today, I connect whenever I’m missing her, and I have got a bunch of her favorite Frank Sinatra songs saved in the app that bring me back to happier times with her.

Michael, 58
New York, USA

My widowed grandfather connects to my grandmother’s grave every day from his nursing home. Our family installed AFTR on his phone so he would feel a little less lonely, and he says the app has made it so easy for him to talk to her. Before, he was heartbroken not being able to visit but now, he starts every day by checking in with Gran. It’s made a tremendous difference in his life since losing her.

Ruth, 36
London, UK

My family moved to Paris a couple of years ago, and there is now nobody left to look after the family burial plot back home. We installed AFTR to make sure we know that the graves of three generations are kept clean and respected. The AFTR App helps make sure our loved ones are well-remembered, too. On special anniversaries, I share family stories with my children while accessing their ancestors’ resting places virtually.

Debra, 64
Paris, France