J.Nicole: The Grief Bully

Hannah Halberstam
February 24, 2021
J.Nicole: The Grief Bully

J.Nicole, also known as The Grief Bully, created her podcast after a number of significant and complicated losses highlighted the lack of raw conversations surrounding the realities of losing a loved one. Most impactful was the unexpected death of her good friend in 2013, her grandmother, who she was very close with, in 2016, followed by her father, in 2019. These deaths made J.Nicole want to help others suffering loss by sparking much needed conversations on the topic.

In attempting to end the silence on the subject, J.Nicole wanted to create a platform for others to share their stories. It was very important to her that others see themselves and their stories within her posts, videos and podcasts. Seeing others sharing a similar experience is a reminder to one that they are not alone in their feelings of grief. 

“I believe [that] there’s power in just knowing someone gets it,” she said. 

J.Nicole strongly feels that our hearts are burdened the most in the areas in which our purposes lie. It is this belief that has strengthened J.Nicole’s commitment to her goals, even when the cards that she was dealt would have caused others to fold. She is proud of her hard work, and views her contribution as the beginning of a legacy which she is making for herself. 

One achievement that J.Nicole is most proud of is her interview with TJ Jackson, a second generation Jackson. During the interview, J.Nicole felt as though she was speaking with someone familiar, perhaps a friend who she had known for a long time. 

“It was so beautiful to see in real time that grief shows that we are all human. No matter our level of celebrity, or lack thereof, we all hurt and need to share our stories.”

As J.Nicole became more involved within the community, she began to notice just how many people in the space lack a support system, or even people that they can talk to. It is this issue that J.Nicole wants to change through more conversations, and by encouraging people to become better listeners. 

“It is imperative that you are listening to hear, not respond,” J.Nicole says. 

Additionally, J.Nicole feels as though the idea of being “strong” in the face of difficult situations is unrealistic, and unfair. Often, things which may be viewed as “weakness” are actually powerful coping mechanisms and more beneficial for the individual. 

For useful content, J.Nicole would recommend that people tune into her podcast, and check out her YouTube channel. She also suggests going on Instagram, and following hashtags relating to grief, so that they can find and connect with a community that they feel that they fit into. She knows that her podcast isn’t for everyone, but there is a place for everyone somewhere




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