Shanice McLeish: Grieving It

Hannah Halberstam
March 17, 2021
Shanice McLeish: Grieving It

Shanice McLeish lost her father when she was eight years old. This tragic event created a compassion within her for others, and a love to help them in any way that she can. Specifically within the grief space, as through her journey, she has recognized the lack of supporting outlets. 

In 2014, Shanice was volunteering with Kate’s Club, a grieving organization for children and their families in Atlanta, Georgia. Kate’s Club allowed her to meet many people who became a part of her family, and who reminded her that she isn’t alone in this difficult journey. In her desire to share that feeling of connectivity with others, Shanice decided to start Grieving It.

Grieving It works to offer free resources and activities to help families dive into, communicate with, and understand their grief. Her site offers many things, including gifts and apparel to promote her mission of normalizing grief. Along with this initiative, Shanice is in the process of publishing a children’s book that speaks about grief (teaches kids about the grief roller coaster) later this year.

In her mission to normalize grief, Shanice strives to make death less of a taboo topic within society. With grief normalized, people will feel more comfortable openly grieving, rather than being afraid of it. 

Although such feelings have yet to become normalized in the greater society, within the grief community, Shanice has felt nothing but acceptance and genuine support from people who were once complete strangers. Being a part of the grief community brings her back to her days at Kate’s Club--it helps her know that she isn’t alone, while connecting with others who have been through things similar to her. 

“To all of my grief buddies out there,” Shanice said, “thank you for your love and light.”

Despite the mental and physical toll that the pandemic has taken, Shanice has remained committed to her personal wellbeing. This has allowed her a positive mental space despite the unorthodox times. 

“My commitment to myself and therapy has been the most surprising for me,” Shanice said. “And I love it. I hope everyone has the opportunity to take up for themselves in a loving way.”

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