A Guide on Choosing a Cemetery

Hannah Halberstam
April 08, 2021
A Guide on Choosing a Cemetery

If you have yet to choose a cemetery for yourself or a loved one, it is important to take the time to find the right one. Whether you're purchasing pre-need for you or someone else, or if you're dealing with the death of a loved one, take our advice in the simple guide below on choosing the right cemetery for your needs.


Cost and Fees

First, inquire about the cost and the fees set in place by the cemetery owners. Are there any annual or otherwise regular fees? What are the fees for burials? Does the cemetery offer different prices depending on the location of the plot? It’s important to know all of this in advance so you aren’t surprised by hidden costs later on.


Plot Location

You will also need to find out the exact plot locations being offered by the cemetery. Some cemeteries will show potential buyers excellent plots during guided tours, and then sell the buyers a plot in a completely different location. Make sure that the plot that you see--whether you are seeing it in person or virtually due to health restrictions--is the one that you’ll be purchasing. 



Some cemeteries offer grounds-keeping and maintenance, while others expect plot owners to maintain the plots entirely on their own. If you won’t be able to do any maintenance at your loved one's resting place due to distance, physical limitations or other restrictions, make sure you opt for a cemetery that provides basic grounds-keeping.


Cemetery Rules

Finally, inquire about any and all cemetery rules. You should ask about regulations and rules regarding visitation hours, visitation limitations during lockdowns or similar restrictive periods; as well as rules regarding what can or can’t be done at the grave site itself. If you plan on installing a system like AFTR that will allow you to record and virtually interact with the site, make sure that this type of set-up is allowed by the cemetery before you make your final decision.


Choosing a cemetery plot for yourself in advance or finding a plot for a loved one that has passed away is not always an easy task. With the above guide in mind, however, you will find the task much easier to manage.