What to Do When You Can't Attend Funerals

AFTR Admin
September 30, 2021
What to Do When You Can't Attend Funerals

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, our ability to attend funerals after the death of a loved one has changed significantly. In some cases, legal restrictions make it impossible to attend a funeral due to the limitations regarding the amount of people inside a funeral gathering. Other reasons why you might not be able to attend a funeral can include feeling sick or being in a different state at the time of the funeral.

Regardless of why you can’t attend a funeral in person, you should know that there are several options available which will allow you to participate from your home.

Watch a Live-Stream

If you aren’t able to attend in person, you may be able to watch a live-stream. Contact the funeral home about their live-stream abilities. Some funeral homes may use systems like AFTR, or they may use laptops or similar streaming devices.

Participate in a Zoom Funeral

Many families are choosing to have Zoom funeral services in addition to traditional funeral services, so that people outside of the core family may attend. Zoom funeral services can include the ability for people watching via Zoom to give speeches or commentary, depending on the funeral program.

Ask About Cemetery Video-Audio Systems

If the funeral will be held at the cemetery, the family may be using video-audio systems such as AFTR. In this case, you will be able to watch the grave-side funeral services using a streaming video. One of the benefits of a system like AFTR is that it can be used after the service to view the grave site.

Hold a Personal Memorial

Whether there is a virtual funeral or not, you may wish to hold your own personal memorial. A personal memorial can be as simple as taking some time alone to think about the person you have lost; or you can arrange for a small gathering at your home--though you should remember to abide by health and safety laws regarding any indoor gatherings.

It is difficult when you are not able to attend the funeral of a loved one. The above options will help you attend the funeral and express your grief, even if you can’t walk into the funeral home yourself.