Seasonal Guide to Keeping a Loved Ones’ Resting Place Tidy

Avi Rapaport
July 14, 2021
Seasonal Guide to Keeping a Loved Ones’ Resting Place Tidy

Cemeteries are places that we go to in order to remember the loved ones who have passed on before us. It’s important to practice some basic upkeep of your loved one’s headstone and overall cemetery plot in order to keep their resting place in good condition.

A note on ensuring that your loved one’s resting place is well-kept: installing a video/audio system, like AFTR, can allow you to easily and quickly check up on your loved one’s resting place, while allowing you to see at a glance if anything needs to be fixed or cleaned.

Now, let’s look into some things you can do seasonally to ensure that your loved one’s resting place is kept clean and tidy.


Spring is the ideal time for a “spring cleaning” after the winter. Clean headstones with water and soft fabrics, never abrasive cleaners. Make sure to remove branches and other debris that may have built up during the winter. If the cemetery allows it, consider planting flowers so that they bloom later in the season.


You likely don’t need to do much maintenance during the summer, as primary maintenance during this period will be taken care of by the cemetery groundskeepers. Keep an eye on the resting place and make sure that debris is picked up and if necessary, the headstone is lightly cleaned.


You will want to start preparing for the winter season in the autumn by ensuring that leaves and other seasonal debris is cleaned up promptly. During this season, consider whether or not you want to use grave blankets or similar objects to cover your loved one’s stone; many companies will want you to pre order these services in advance, as they take some time to create and install.


If you have ordered a grave blanket or a similar item, the cemetery will likely install it for you early on in the season. If you live in an area with heavy snowfall, make sure that any fragile objects are removed from the grave site and kept safe at home until the spring. Many people find it difficult to visit cemeteries in the winter due to accumulated snow and ice, so this would be the perfect time to use an AFTR system to visit virtually.

Keeping a loved one’s resting place in excellent condition is a respectful way to keep their memory alive.